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    Wood pellet heat is one of the most efficient and cleanest burning renewable energy sources on Earth. The comfort and convenience of using wood pellet heating systems has steadily increased over the years. The technology has evolved making wood pellet boilers an attractive alternative to fossil-fueled heating systems. 


    • Heating costs can be significantly reduced by using wood pellet boilers.
    • Wood pellets are a great alternative to fossil fuel. They are readily available, produced locally and Pelleco provides FREE DELIVERY Island wide.
    • Oil and propane (LP-Gas) prices tend to fluctuate making it difficult to plan and budget heating costs. Wood pellets consistently sell at 30-50% less, which decreases the stress of heating with fossil fuel.
    • Wood pellet heat does not produce smoke. When compared to firewood, heating with wood pellets eliminates the worry of dealing with unpleasant smells, dry air and smoky rooms.
    • Pelleco products ensure that pellet density, burning and ash content meet or exceeds the standards set by the Wood Pellet Institute.
    • Today's wood pellet boilers use technology that is efficient and convenient and has been proven successful with over one million installations in Europe. 
    • Wood pellet fuel is efficient, convenient, burns cleaner and is less bulky when compared to firewood. 
    • Wood pellet heating systems offer the same level of comfort as traditional fossil-fueled heating systems. 

    Things to consider:

     Although wood pellet heat is convenient, eco-friendly and cost efficient, there are still some things to consider when making the switch.

    • Wood pellet boilers usually need their heat exchanger cleaned every 1-2 weeks during peak heating season. This process helps maintain the boiler's efficiency. Check your boiler to see if it does this automatically or choose one that does. 
    • Wood pellets usually come in 40-pound bags and need to be purchased regularly. They also need to be hauled inside and stored. This can be less convenient than oil or gas. However, Pelleco offers FREE DELIVERY across Prince Edward Island on all of our products. This is a convenient option for our customers and decreases the stress of winter heating.
    • Wood pellet fuel takes up more space than heating with oil or gas.
    • Wood pellets boilers need to have their ash bins emptied regularly.