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    • Rounded rear wall, makes a beveled installation possible
    • Elegant and timeless stove front
    • Rock as natural heat accumulator
    • High radiant heat
    • Adjustable feet for a stable set up
    • More special features and extras at the last pages
    • Heating Space 70 - 250 m³

    The Ravenna Stove by Max Blank is a solution to your heating and aesthetic needs. The Max Blank quality built stoves in Europe offer the best heat for your fuel while adding a contemporary design to your home that is sure to be appealing for any home owner. This heating stove is both practical and pleasing to a home owner who wants to have something a little different inside their home. Enjoy having a modern stove with an old fashion feel.

    Manufactured in Germany for over 35 years, Max Blank Stoves show no compromise in heat delivery, design, and innovation. With years of design and technical experience you can feel comfortable with a Max Blank stove knowing that it will satisfy your needs.

    The stone design that looks appealing is also practical for heating your area. With using natural products with the Ravenna you get a rustic feel and the ability to store heat!  As the stove produces heat the heat is captured in the bricks and will slowly let the heat out throughout the home when the stove is not in use! 

    With the Ravenna you are able to enjoy your heat with either Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, and Wood Logs! Multiple fuel options mean that you are sure you can have heat in your home all winter without worrying about running out of fuel. 

    Be it a small stove or a big insert stove by Max Blank High Quality you can touch
    the tradition of the brand and get a sense of the future:
    Highest demands regarding originality and ecology without compromise in the field
    of quality and burning culture – if you add all those features, you will conclude, that
    the quality-price ratio is pleasantly appropriate.

    Stay independent with renewable fuels:
    Pellet is rarely made of natural wood – much more often wooden waste and leftovers
    are used for its production. Thanks to combo wood and pellet stoves by Max Blank you
    can choose the kind of fuel that suits you best due to its quality, price and availability
    and thus stay independent of electricity. Only with Max Blank stoves.


    We propose stoves and insert stoves for every purpose. From a multi-function models to the smallest Swedish-type stoves. Every material has its own features and advantages, beginning with origin, through finish, to the added value it offers to the user. The heat accumulating function can be such an added value for example. Or perhaps your priorities are more directed towards longevity, glossiness, casing surface structure or maybe even size, form or colour?
    Ensure yourself the advantages and added values of stoves and insert stoves by Max Blank High Quality!

    From ignition until the cooling down of the stove, your living space is heated with pleasurable accumulated heat for up to 18 hours (Dependent on model).
    That gives your house a five-star character and all that without the need of adding wood or pellet constantly.
    You will find the merger of ecological ideas, efficient technology and the art of stove making in Max Blank stoves.

    The Stoves efficiency and specs can be found in the technical specs. Different sizes for pellet option are available in 7.5 kW or 11 kW.