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    About suction systems
    Suction systems are particularly useful if the pellet storage is not directly next to the heating system. A vaccum suction system is very beneficial if a greater distance or a floor needs to be overcome. A screw conveyor / auger even when it´s very flexible, gets quickly reach their limits. They can not be used over long distances with relatively tight bends.
    Our suction systems overcome distances of up to thirty meters easily. Even curves or heads up to five meters take the pellets during transport with air more easily than it would be possible with an auger. As well is transportation of wood pellets via a suction system significantly softer as through a conveyor. It comes at the end to less breakage.
    Our system can in addition be controlled by a timer. So you can manage the load times during the day.

    The turbine generates on the hose a vacuum in the mini loader. The mini loader is hermetically closed and create a vacuum. It works like it is the case in a vacuum cleaner except that no dust is sucked, but pellets.
    The created vacuum effekt works as well in the feed hose.
    Since the pellet probe is connected to the feed hose, it sucks with the help of the negative pressure the pellets from the pellet storage into the mini loader.

    In order to avoid that the storage container is also produce a vacuum, the outgoing air of the turbine is going to pass via the return air hose back into the storage / pellet silo. So the pressure is balanced there.

    The sucked pellets moving now through the delivery hose and end up with falling in the mini loader. The turbine is switched off automatically. The pressure in the pellet hose falls and the pellet weight press the flap from the loader. They fall within the internal wood pellet hopper. If the hopper is not completely filled, so close the loader door again and the turbine is switched on again. Sucking, collect, flap open pellets fall into the hopper. If the hopper is almost full, the flap opens the mini loader, the pellets fall into the hopper, however, block the door. This is especially by design. For now the contact of the loader flap switches the blower is no longer activ. This can be done as long as until the pellets in the internal hopper the door unlock and this closes, this will be happen though the consumption of pellets . Then the turbine starts up again and charging a new load of pellets.

    • Convenient
    • Automatic feeding system 
    • Overcome distance from up to 82 ft
    • System Art. no. 73000  include 1 pellets miniloader including vacuum turbine, 1 control unit, 82 ft vacuum hose,4 hose clips and 1 sucton probe